Marine Data Service

The marine data service delivers large amounts of satellite data realting to the marine environment.
EarthServer2 is establishing and improving open access and ad-hoc analytics on extreme-size Earth Science data, based on and extending leading-edge Array Database technology. The core idea is to use database query languages as client/server interface to achieve barrier-free "mix & match" access to multi-source, any-size, multi-dimensional spatio-temporal data -- in short: "Big Earth Data Analytics" -- based on the open standards of OGC WCPS (aka "XQuery on raster data") and W3C XQuery. EarthServer combines both, thereby achieving a tight data/metadata integration. Further, the rasdaman Array Database System is extended with further spatiotemporal coverage data types. On server side, highly effective optimizations -- such as parallel and distributed query processing -- ensure scalability to Exabyte volumes.

The marine data service provides access to the complete archive of Ocean Colour - Climate Change iniciative data sets

The Ocean Colour - Climate Change initiative (OC-CCI) datasets include all default light reflectance bands used to produce chlorophyll maps. To accompany these data we also host and make available two sets of uncertainty data per base variable. This gives access to not only the data itself but also to the quality assesment of the data. The data can be combined in novel and useful ways, for instance; to provide statistics on the uncertainty of the data or selecting final products where an average uncertainty is below a threshold.

In the coming months we will be making ESA Sentinel 3 Ocean Colour data available through the service. You can follow the progress of the completion and launch of Sentinel 3 here

Data Access is provided through several Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web service


Throughout the project we will be making several clients available to users. These clients range from full blown GIS solutions to specific action clients such as the band ratio client.

  • Band Ratio client allows access to mathmatical WCPS queries over hyperspectral data. This allows users to benefit from the ad-hoc query ability of Rasdaman/WCPS without having to learn a new language.
  • Web GIS client provides rich access to the complete catalogue of remote sensed data available through the project. Initially this will be the complete Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative data and when available the Sentinel 3 Ocean Colour data.
  • NASA WebWorldWind Client provides novel 3D visualisation of ocean data on a web based globe. The client allows rapid access to point extraction as well as providing an interface to run WCPS queries.

We offer several different tutorials covering most aspects of the service. These include how to use the software involved and how to formulate queries in the new WCPS syntax.

Video tutorials - here

Interactive WCPS tutorials - here

The Earth Server Initiative

Big Earth Data at your fingertips - this is the vision of EarthServer, an intercontinental initiative for unleashing the potential of Big Data through a disruptive paradigm shift in technology